Everyday is a day to be grateful. Share a piece of your love, give a little of your time and be at peace forever. This is too cliche, but am praying for world peace!

Last Wednesday, August 21, I helped Ate Mich and her family to reached out for those families who are affected by the typhoon Maring. Together with our respected NGO partners: One Vision Project, The Academy of Performing Arts and Panni Carlo. The feeling was magical. While we are working for the food donations and some clothes, Ate Mich will keep on telling us that this is the time to pay back and be thankful that we are not in their position -flood victims.

Come to think of it, sharing is not just about earthly possessions. I learned from that experience that it’s more about giving yourself, surrendering your genuine kindness as to adhere with our human duty which is to be humane.

Typhoon Maring might literally flooded my country, but it also flooded me with life learning experiences. 🙂

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